What We Do

Whatever we’re designing at the Innovation Institute—be it a product, service, new unit or experience—keeping people at the center of the process is key to unlocking new solutions for today’s most pressing challenges and promoting a culture of sustainable innovation. We accomplish those things by


皇冠hg代理体育similar initiatives emerging in higher education and other industries, we conduct early research and scout the world bringing back great ideas to spark ideas for our projects.


皇冠hg代理体育multidisciplinary groups around a common purpose to learn, explore and exchange ideas, finding answers to today’s challenges.


皇冠hg代理体育new community-engaged high-tech laboratories, new models for current and future workforce needs, new strategies for adults to re-enter the workforce and immersive education partnering with world leading industries.


projects that accelerate technological innovation across the region, provide a strong pathway to the workforce, and unlock innovative strategies educating the region and training the world.

Our Work

From designing a best in the country model for adult learners returning to college to advancing workforce engagement in the Sea3D Additive Manufacturing Laboratory, the Innovation Institute is at the forefront of creating change through design. We work with organizations inside and outside of the university to rethink and build the next generation of products, services and experiences.


皇冠hg代理体育Some of the clients that we have partnered with in the past: 

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